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Electrical Infrared Services

Detecting and Correcting Electrical Hot Spots Is Critical

Turn to our experts for reliable electrical infrared services

Infrared inspections are vital for your business facility. BF Management offers electrical infrared services designed to identify problems before they can lead to costly repairs. All electrical distribution equipment, such as transformers, panel boards and circuit breakers, need to be routinely inspected to avoid such problems. You can rely on our team to go through electrical rooms and locate hotspots while everything is powered up.

Contact us at 318-422-9190 today to arrange for electrical infrared services.

From locating decaying wires to spotting bad breakers, our knowledgeable team can identify problems before they reach a critical stage. Our electrical infrared technicians can help you:

  • Reduce electrical fire hazards
  • Maintain your electrical system's integrity
  • Gain an overall picture of the system's condition

It's important to identify power issues early, especially in large commercial facilities like hospitals and banks. Reach out today to learn more about our services.



Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Identification NumberEquipment Description
Tower 20th Floor E.C. "A"    
LocationSerial Number

Model NumberManufacturerCurrent Rating
Working VoltageInterrupter Rating

Digital Photo

Digital Photo

Infrared Photo

Infrared Photo

Problems Found1SeverityCritical 64.9° ON BUSS
Normal 0 - 7.1CAlert 7.2 - 14.4CSevere 14.5 - 27CCritical 27.1C
Reference Temperature CProblem Temperature CProblem Temperature CProblem Temperature C

VariablesProblem SpotCurrent RatingCurrent DrawTHDC%Voltage Drop
Phase A AMP mVolt
Phase B
Phase C

Problem DescriptionB Phase Buss (Circuit 19) is pitted and causing 64.9° C to Refrence Temp
RecommendationReplace Buss Bar and Breaker
NFPA 70E Compliant XPPE Hazard Assessment OSHA Enforced